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Digital platform EstateBox takes the stress out of life and legacy planning

Estate tech company launches new planning product for consumers and advisors.

Kelowna, BC. September 2021. 

EstateBox is proud to announce the launch of its digital life and legacy planning platform to the general public today. EstateBox takes the stress out of estate planning by guiding users through the process of uploading and organizing their most important documents in an intuitive interface. With their key documents stored on a single, highly secure digital platform, users can then safely grant access to trusted delegates including close family members, executors, and advisors as needed. 


“Most of us know that we need an estate plan, but it can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to begin,” said EstateBox founder and CEO Anjali Coyle. “With EstateBox, people from all walks of life, regardless of age or economic status, are guided through every step of creating a comprehensive estate plan.” 


Coyle founded the company after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. A lawyer, wife, and mother of two young boys, Coyle’s life was turned upside down by the diagnosis. She realized that if she were to lose her battle with the disease, her husband and family would have no idea where to find the critical documents needed to settle her estate and honour her final wishes. 


The last thing Coyle wanted to do while battling cancer was to spend her time organizing documents when she could be spending that precious time with her husband and sons. With EstateBox, she saw an opportunity to build a true “life and legacy” planning platform that could be used to keep other family’s busy lives organized, in addition to managing their crucial estate planning documents. 


“As a female founder, it was important to me that I build a team of diverse individuals, all of whom bring an exciting and modern perspective to the growing estate tech sector,” said Coyle. “With EstateBox, we’ve built a unique holistic solution to a challenge that so many families and individuals face today as they juggle increasingly busy lives, while still planning for the future.”


Learn how EstateBox is simplifying life and legacy planning on the EstateBox blog. Advisors who are interested in leveraging the platform with their clients are encouraged to contact CEO Anjali Coyle at

About EstateBox

Founded in 2020, EstateBox is a Canadian company transforming the way estate planning is handled. EstateBox is an online solution to a manual, inefficient way of managing all your documents and life details. Our life and legacy planning platform is not just about being ready for the future but also about living in the moment. We’re on a mission to remove the barriers and shift perceptions around life and legacy planning by making it simple, inclusive, and accessible to all.


Contact Info 

For media inquiries, please contact EstateBox at 


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