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How It Works

We are changing the way you plan and organize your life- regardless of the role you play in estate planning.



Build Profile

While creating and building your EstateBox profile, our guided questionnaire will only ask relevant questions based on your previous profile answers.

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Upload Life Details

Organize your life details all in one place by uploading your personal information like your will, bank account details, loans, and other valuable assets. Your privacy and safety is our priority - we only capture the last digits of your account.


Provide Access

Our platform was built in consultation with industry experts, advisors and professionals aimed at providing tailored advice to save you time, money and headache. You can share access to your entire profile or just a little with advisors, loved ones, caregivers etc.

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The role of today’s advisor is evolving on three fronts - digital, demographics, and client expectations.

Use technology to gain insights 

  • The digital advancements of today have not transitioned to life and legacy planning.  

  • EstateBox is modernizing estate planning by digitizing your clients’ important details like assets, legal documents and so much more! 

  • With all the important details centrally located on a secure platform, you have a full view of your clients’ estates. 

  • This allows you to do what you do best - provide strategic advice based on real-time data and insights.

Connect with the “new-age” beneficiaries 

  • Approximately $1 trillion of wealth will transfer from the baby boomer generation to the next. How confident are you that you can retain those assets and uncover new ones?   

  • EstateBox connects you with the next generation and helps you deliver personalized services. 

  • Gain insights into conversations your clients are having with third party advisors. 

  • Identify gaps and offer additional services for your clients' estate by removing the disconnect between you and your clients’ families.

Become your clients’ “quarterback” in life

  • Today’s advisors are like quarterbacks or trusted advisers - not just for financial or legal matters but for all aspects of their client’s life. 

  • Clients are now relying on a much larger network of advisors to guide them during these unprecedented times. 

  • To win over new clients it will come down to who can quickly solve the most varied and complex problems. 

  • We enhance your clients’ experiences by sharing content and resources across the client’s advisory network for easier discovery, deeper conversations and faster resolutions.


Drive value by deepening relationships

Increase your book value by uncovering new opportunities  

Increase referrals and drive retention - retain business by maintaining family connections 

Grow your business by becoming their trusted advisor beyond managing their assets 

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