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Introducing EstateBox: Your Digital Life and Legacy Platform

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Our guided workflow and intuitive interface take the stress out of estate planning. Learn how EstateBox gives you peace of mind.

Photo of EstateBox founder and CEO, Anjali Inman.

After two years of rigorous research, design, and testing, we’re excited to announce that EstateBox has officially launched to the public.

Faced with a devastating cancer diagnosis two years ago, EstateBox founder and CEO Anjali Coyle had a powerful realization: if she were to die or become incapacitated, her husband would have no idea where to find their family’s most important documents.

The last thing Anjali wanted to do while battling cancer was to spend her time organizing documents when she could be spending that precious time with her family.

Anjali knew she wasn’t the only person who felt this way; other families across Canada were struggling with the same concerns.

While many of us don’t want to think about estate planning, we recognize that planning for our family’s future is important. Whether it’s your chosen family, nieces, nephews, or anyone else you consider family, we know that if we want to build a thriving life and legacy today, we need to plan for tomorrow. It doesn’t have to take a major health scare or facing your mortality to get started.

At EstateBox, our mission is to remove the barriers and shift perceptions of estate planning by making it simple, inclusive and accessible to all.

What is EstateBox?

EstateBox is an online solution to a manual, inefficient way of managing all your documents and life details in your estate plan and beyond.

Estate planning is typically thought of as the process of preparing the legal documents that are needed to protect and care for the people you care about after you die. However, we believe the term “estate planning” doesn’t quite capture everything EstateBox has to offer; think of it as more of a life and legacy planning platform.

EstateBox is designed to be used as you live your life, helping to keep you organized and focused on what matters most.

Text reads "...we believe the term “estate planning” doesn’t quite capture everything EstateBox has to offer; think of it as more of a life and legacy planning platform."

How does EstateBox work?

When you set up your EstateBox, our guided questionnaire will only ask relevant questions based on your previous profile answers, making the setup process nice and simple.

The platform itself is divided up into different categories we call “streams” (like financials and insurance) where you upload scans of your various documents and input your information. This means that all of your information is stored in one secure location, making it easy to access and share with the key people in your life.

Those key people, like executors or family members, are what we call delegates. As you upload your information, you’re able to select delegates who can either view or make edits to your EstateBox.

For your partner or spouse, you could give them edit access to all of your streams so they’re able to contribute and access the information they might need at any given time. For your financial advisor, you could provide view access only to your “Financials” stream so they can give tailored advice based on the big picture EstateBox allows them to see.

A screenshot of the EstateBox platform's main profile page with the various streams (personal documents, assets, financials, legal, health, insurance, contacts and delegates) on the left of the photo.

Let EstateBox guide you on your estate planning journey

Estate planning can be an overwhelming process, especially when you’re not quite sure where to start. Even if you’ve never thought about estate planning, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

EstateBox was created to be a highly guided platform, with tooltips to support you throughout the process. Unlike other platforms on the market, it’s so much more than simply a cloud service with various folders to upload documents.

To learn more about ins and outs of estate planning, visit the resources section of our website for a carefully curated collection of estate planning information.

Tips and tricks for filling out your EstateBox

Still feeling overwhelmed? That's okay. Here are three tips to help make filling your EstateBox feel more manageable.

1. Start small

Start by filling out your streams with a small level of detail in the event something should happen. It’s better to have some information for your delegates than none at all. When things come to mind you can easily add more information as your preferences strengthen.

2. Set goals

You don’t have to fill out your entire EstateBox in one sitting. We suggest picking a day of the week and setting reminders in your phone or writing them on your calendar. Set goals for yourself when it comes to filling out the different streams. Maybe it’s one stream or 15 minutes every Saturday or Sunday until you’re done.

3. Update your EstateBox

EstateBox makes it easy to access and update your key documents and information. Simply log in to review or make the necessary updates. Try to get into the habit of updating your EstateBox whenever there are changes in your personal life. They could be as simple as changing insurance companies or as significant as the birth or adoption of a child. Updating your EstateBox as soon as possible will ensure your information is up to date at all times.

Life and legacy planning— a lifelong journey

We get it. No one wants to think about what happens when they die. You may even feel like you’re decades away from needing an estate plan.

But life and legacy planning is different— it’s a lifelong journey that starts today.

Give yourself the freedom to live life to the fullest by organizing your key documents and important information on a safe, secure platform. And give your family and your executor the gift of stress-free access to your information to settle your estate and honour your final wishes, when the day comes.

Create your account today and enjoy a 60-day free trial (no credit card or code required) to help you get started on your life and legacy plan.

Text reads "give your family and your executor the gift of stress-free access to your information to settle your estate and honour your final wishes, when the day comes."

We’re just getting started; keep an eye out for new streams coming soon! Be the first to know by signing up for our newsletter below and get the latest EstateBox news.


While we’re passionate about all things estate planning, we’re not professionals. We recommend speaking with your lawyer or financial advisor when putting together an estate plan.

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