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The EstateBox Platform

Available for individuals and businesses.

For Individuals

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Plan confidently

Life and legacy planning can be a complex and stressful process under the best of circumstances. EstateBox makes it simple and easy to access and share your details so when the time comes, everyone is ready.


Whether you love technology or avoid it whenever possible, EstateBox is user-friendly and will guide you through the entire process. We thought of everything you need to document, now you just have to fill in the blanks!

Heart & Hands

Simplify sharing with family and loved ones

You can easily give access to all or part of your EstateBox to the people you trust most in your life. By controlling who accesses and views your information, you have peace of mind knowing your information is being accessed by the right people at the right time.

Add, remove, or edit permissions of any delegates at any time, for any reason. Whether you come back from travelling, change your power of attorney, switch advisors, or simply want to edit permissions - EstateBox gives you complete control over your information.

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Plan for the future. Live in the moment.

Life and legacy planning is not just about being ready for the future but also about living in the moment. Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind knowing you're ready for whatever life throws your way.


When you have all your important documents and information organized you can focus on what matters— whether that’s the excitement of going on a trip, the anticipation of moving into a new house, or the stress of an unexpected diagnosis. EstateBox helps you get organized, before you need to be organized.

For Individuals

For Businesses

For Businesses
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Stay connected

With EstateBox both you and your client will have consistent communication and the most up to date information at all times. Life is busier than ever, and EstateBox allows everyone to work at their own convenience.

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Securely share documents and sensitive information

As an advisor, you handle sensitive, personal information every day.  Building and maintaining a trustworthy environment for your clients is paramount. Protect your clients’ personal information with EstateBox, keeping all of their information in one secure, central, updated, location.

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Get the full picture

Give your client valuable advice by understanding all areas of their life, not just your field. EstateBox easily provides a comprehensive view of their life with no extra hassle. You no longer have to chase down documents, send countless emails in order to find the necessary information, or find time to meet with other busy professionals. Simply log in to EstateBox and pull up the information you need.

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Modernize your practice

Estate planning still depends on paper, pens, and filing cabinets. In a world where users can order groceries, do their banking, and even create their will online, give your clients the digital experience they expect.

Our Security Measures

Security Assurance

EstateBox is built upon a framework that proactively embeds privacy and security into the design and infrastructure of our platform. We understand that you are trusting us with important and confidential information, and therefore take our commitment to security very seriously. Safety and privacy by design is one of our core pillars; it is important that we are transparent about the security of your data.

Our Philosophy

At EstateBox, security is our top priority, and we are taking all the steps and precautions necessary to be SOC 2 compliant. All employees receive security training and are required to review the applicable security policies. In August 2021, EstateBox had an independent security design review that confirmed EstateBox was built with security as a top priority.


Furthermore, a penetration test was done in January 2022, to ensure that our security holds up to our high standards. We will continue to perform penetration tests to ensure your data remains safe and secure within our platform.

Securing Data

EstateBox takes all precautions to ensure that your data is always secure, at rest and in transit. We implement

role-based access control, demilitarised zones, and expiring file downloads to ensure that your data is only accessible to the right people. 

Military-grade encryption and industry-leading technologies such as permission settings, AES-256 encryption, SSO enabled, and TLS 1.2 protocols are used for the transfer of sensitive information. All personal data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Finally, as a Canadian based company, we store all of your data in Canada.

Two-Factor Authentication

Protecting your data is only effective and worthwhile if your account is secure. On top of enforcing a strong password, two-factor authentication is required to access your EstateBox account. Every time you log in to your account you will need to provide a unique code sent to your email or phone to confirm your identity. 


This extra layer of security ensures that even if someone gains access to your password, your information and documents stored in your EstateBox will remain secure.


Who can access your account?

You have complete control over who has access to your account. The only other people with access to your information are the delegates you appoint. No EstateBox employees have access to any information stored in your EstateBox. Limited employees have access to your email address used to sign up for the account, the billing name, and the last four digits of your credit card used for payment. You can rest assured that the only people seeing your data are the people you provided access to.

PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)

PIPEDA outlines the requirements for collecting and using an individual’s personal information. At EstateBox, we follow PIPEDA’s 10 fair information principles in order to keep your personal information private and secure. This means that we take the storage, retention, and disposal of your personal information very seriously. 

Third Parties

Not only do we hold ourselves to a high security standard, we make sure that all third parties meet our standards as well. You can rest assured that any third parties with access to your information have high level security measures in place. You can see a list of our sub-processors and their function here.

Privacy Policy

The policies and procedures that apply to the collection, security, use and disclosure of any of your personal data collected by EstateBox. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information. Available here.

Our Security Measures
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