"Technology is the new player
at your estate planning table"

Sharon Hartung, Author of  "Your Digital Undertaker"

Our Platform Pillars

Simple & Easy to Use

  • We’ve removed the barriers to a complex and often stressful process by creating a simple and automated way to estate planning.

  • Easy to upload your details and even easier for your team of advisors or family members to access your details when the time comes.

  • We keep it easy and simple by constantly innovating and updating.

Safety & Privacy by Design

  • Privacy and security is proactively embedded into the platform.

  • We are a Canadian based company, so all your data stays in Canada

  • We use military-grade encryption and industry-leading technologies such as permission settings, AES-256 encryption, SSO enabled, and TLS 1.2 protocols for the transfer of sensitive information.

Accessibility & Sharing

  • Ensuring the right people have access to your documents and information at the right time, is as important as the process of creating an estate plan itself.

  • Whether it’s your lawyer, financial advisor, or a family member, you control who accesses and views your information.

  • All data is centrally located in a safe and secure digital environment.

Life Planning & Organizing 

  • Life and legacy planning is not just about being ready for the future but also about living in the moment.

  • EstateBox can also help you plan, organize and make decisions about your financial affairs while you are still alive.

  • Give yourself and your loved ones the peace of mind knowing you're ready for whatever life throws your way.


Our Platform

  • Technology is evolving how we communicate, organize and plan our life; estate planning is no different.

  • With life moving more online, blending both our digital and physical world can be a challenge.

  • Gone are the days of rifling through papers and folders to find a “paper trail” of our assets.

  • EstateBox is modernizing life and legacy planning by digitizing all your key details, documents and assets related to your estate.

  • Think of it as your virtual “box” where you control who accesses and views your information.