Everyone has an estate.

We provide the virtual "box".



Our mission is to remove the barriers and shift perceptions around estate planning by making it simple, inclusive and accessible to all. Our goal is to build the best life and legacy planning platform, built on the principles of privacy, security and innovation.


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can spark many different emotions and actions. And for the Founder and CEO of EstateBox, Anjali Inman, her cancer diagnosis sparked a need to ensure her family would be taken care of and limit any additional stresses on them. 


Life and legacy planning can be a complex and stressful process under the best of circumstances. The outdated, manual and non-personalized way of planning and organizing your estate only adds to those complexities and stresses. 


EstateBox was created to keep you and your family organized while ensuring that the key people in your life have access to the information they would need when the time came.


We are revolutionizing the way you handle life and legacy planning by creating a simple and automated solution to estate planning. 


Think of it as your virtual “box” containing all your key details, documents and digital assets that relate to your estate where you control who accesses and views your information - all centrally located in a safe and secure digital environment. 


Now you, your family, advisor, or executor can view all your details in one centrally located platform. This means they can execute upon your wishes, provide professional advice based on your needs and remove the necessity of repeating the process if you access different advisors in the estate planning ecosystem.


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