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Simplifying life and legacy planning

We help you stay organized and ensure your trusted advisors
can give tailored advice.

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From the moment we are born, we are building a legacy. 
Young or old, many assets or just starting out - everyone has a legacy.

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Simple and Easy to Use

Life and legacy planning can be a complex and stressful process under the best of circumstances. Regardless of your role in the estate planning process, EstateBox makes it simple and easy to access and share details so when the time comes, everyone is ready. 

Stay Connected

With EstateBox everyone involved in the estate planning process will have consistent communication with each other, leaving nothing to fall through the cracks. Life is busier than ever, and EstateBox allows everyone to work at their own convenience.

A Secure Way to Share What Matters

EstateBox is built upon a framework that proactively embeds privacy and security into the design and infrastructure of our platform. Your information is encrypted using military-grade encryption and other industry-leading technologies.

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Future-proof Your Estate Plan

Estate planning is stuck in the paper, pen and filing cabinet world, while all other aspects of life from grocery shopping to banking have progressed into the digital world. Use EstateBox to bring your future planning wherever life takes you.

How it works

How It Works

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Guided Input

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Tailored Advice

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Be Organized

We collect your key details that allow us to guide you as you create your individualized workflow. 

We work with lawyers, accountants, and wealth managers to ensure our product delivers tailored advice based on your needs.

Be Organized

We take the chaos and stress out of estate planning by keeping you organized with our intuitive and easy to use platform.

CATO x EstateBox for Advisors
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What an excellent platform! Advisors in Canada such as myself have offered valuable estate planning services to clients for many years, and it’s about time technology caught up. EstateBox is a welcome addition to the estate planning infrastructure.

- Tod Alstad, CHS

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