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Registration of Wills

Creating your will is only the first step – it then needs to be registered. This final step is important, because if your executor cannot locate your will, it is assumed to be revoked. Registering your will ensures that your wishes will be honoured when you pass and reduces the pressure of locating the original document for your loved ones during an already stressful time. 


With the exception of British Columbia and Québec, all wills in Canada are registered with the Canada Will Registry. In British Columbia wills are registered with the Vital Statistics Agency, and wills from Québec are registered by notaries.


Registering your will eliminates any uncertainty of it being accidentally misplaced throughout the years. It is important for your executors to have access to the original documents to avoid an expensive and complicated court procedure. Registering your will with the Canada Will Registry (or the provincial equivalent) is the best way to ensure the original documents are easily found. 

Province or Territory

Wills Registry


British Columbia


New Brunswick*

Nova Scotia*


Prince Edward Island*



Northwest Territories



Newfoundland and Labrador*

*  Individuals who reside in these provinces may register their will on the Canada Will Registry using Notice Connect. These provinces do not have a provincial registry.

+ Wills registered by a Notaire in Quebec do not have to go through the probate process and can be found using the Barreau du Quebec search function.

We endeavour to provide accurate information, but if you should notice an error, please email us at so we may correct it!

Last updated June 2022

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