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Dying with Dignity: A Resource 

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is a Canadian procedure in which a patient is given or administered medication to intentionally and safely end their life. Below is information on eligibility, safeguards, final consent, and application forms for MAiD. 



To be eligible for MAiD, patients must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and have decision making capability.

  • Be eligible for publicly funded health care services.

  • Have a grievous and irreversible medical condition.

  • Make a voluntary request for MAiD without external pressure.

  • Give informed consent to receive MAiD.


** If patients’ have a mental illness-not including neurocognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders- as their only medical condition, they are not eligible for MAiD (in effect until March 17, 2023).



The safeguards set in place aim to make sure those who make a request for MAiD are capable of making informed decisions of their own free will. Additionally, these persons must be informed of all care options available to relieve suffering.

  • Safeguards

    • Undergo medical eligibility assessments

      • Must be assessed by two independent practitioners.

    • Submitted a signed request for MAiD

      • Signed and dated before an independent witness (must also sign).

    • Informed of the right to withdraw consent.

  • Safeguards when death is not reasonably foreseeable have same requirements as above, but must additionally meet the following criteria:

    • Of the two medical assessments, one of the practitioners must have expertise in the medical condition.

    • Must be informed and discuss (with medical practitioners) of other options to relieve suffering.

    • The medical eligibility assessments must be performed over a period of at least 90 days


Final Consent

Immediately before MAiD is provided, the patient must be given the opportunity to withdraw consent, and must affirm consent to receive MAiD. A waiver of final consent can be submitted if all the following applies:

  • Their natural death is reasonably foreseeable.

  • While you had decision making capabilities: 

    • They were assessed and approved for MAiD.

    • Their practitioner advised that you are at risk of losing capacity to provide final consent.

    • They made a written arrangement with their practitioner in which they consent in advance to receive MAiD on their chosen date if they no longer have capacity to consent on that date.

MAid Forms by Province or Territory


We endeavour to provide accurate information, but if you should notice an error, please email us at so we may correct it!

Last updated August 2021

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