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How To Get a Death Certificate by Province & Territory

If you are an executor, getting a death certificate is one of the first things you have to do. An official death certificate is necessary for many of the tasks involved in settling an estate, including claiming life insurance, closing bank accounts, accessing pensions, and filing tax returns.


The process of getting a death certificate and entering into the death records varies by province and territory. In most provinces and territories, you can apply online, by mail, or in person. It is recommended that you order two original death certificates, as certain institutions will require the original death certificate, while others will accept a regular copy. You must apply for a death certificate in the province or territory where the deceased passed away, regardless of their province or territory of residence. Find out where to apply for a death certificate using the chart below.     

Province or Territory

Wills Registry/Storage



British Columbia


New Brunswick*

Nova Scotia*


Prince Edward Island*

Newfoundland and Labrador*

Northwest Territories





* Registering a death in these provinces requires a Medical Certificate of Death (filled out by a physician, coroner, or prescribed practitioner) and a Registration of Death Form (filled out by an informant and the funeral director).

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Last updated June 2022

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